Friday, 14 November 2014

Ruth and Tyler Tate (USA)

Of all the places to lay my head there are few that I'd recommend more than Tony and Sonia's beautiful ivy-clad cottage tucked away in rural France.

The property is beautifully presented with a calm river running by, lovely swimming pool, and woods to explore.

The cottage is cosy haven with a tastefully done kitchen, sweetly designed kid's bedroom, and the master bedroom feels like a sanctuary- peaceful and light-filled.

Locally, you will be spoiled with award winning bread and pastry from the local bakery and French home-style cooking from the local restaurant for a ridiculously low cost (5 courses including wine, coffee, and dessert for €13).

I'd recommend a trip to Bordeaux, St Emilion, Lac Jamaye (if you have young children this is a must!), Bourdeilles, and Beynac.

We had the pleasure of visiting in the autumn when, I imagine, the Dordogne is at its finest. The trees flaunted fluorescent yellow colours, the vines were heavy laden with grapes, the air crisp in the morning, and al fresco dining delightful in the evening. Walnuts and sweet chestnuts littered the ground beneath their trees and this season's wine filled the grocer's shelves. Tourist destinations are yours to explore in serenity without the tourist paparazzi.

However, none the previously mentioned things holds a candle to the delight in making a friendship with Tony and Sonia. They are some of the most hospitable and kindest people I have had the privilege of meeting. They immediately made us feel at home and welcome.

Whether your stay be for one or two weeks or even a couple months like us, I can guarantee it won't be long enough.

Breath a sigh of relief- you no longer need to spend hours researching your perfect holiday destination- you have found it! I'm already jealous of the holiday that awaits you!!