Thursday, 12 April 2007

Karen and Kevin Bentley

Easter has never been so fab! We've had a ball- a couple of dinner dances and a bijou tea party as well!
What a relaxing time - I've even reduced the number of times I look at my Blackberry- got it down to only 427 times a day - unreal!
You have a truly wonderful home and are a remarkable family. We have all enjoyed ourselves so much. the wine growers of the region will no doubt be working overtime to replenish the severe dent we have made in their supplies these past 10 days!
We arrived as grey faced, overworked townies and left as bronzed Adonis super hunks! We enjoyed our travels to Brantome, Bordeaux, Sarlat and St Emilion, and to the English cinema night in Mussidan. Your top tip about eating at La Tupina in Bordeaux was spot on. We'll be spending the next 3 weeks in the gym to make amends! Thanks for everything.