Monday, 14 September 2009

Lara and Emmet Nolan

Thanks so much Tony and Sonia, we have had a lovely time!
You are brilliant and thoughtful hosts with delicious homemade produce, and your knowledge of the area was invaluable.
All the meals we had are worth mentioning: Le Clos Joli, Le Flambée, Le Relais de Gabillou, Lou Marmitou's (trucker stop café, but with lovely food), but worth particular mention is Auberge Lou Peyrol, in Marcel du Perigord. It's about 40 mins drive but worth it for the starter alone. Fried Fois Gras, delicious!
Another must is to have a picnic down by the river, beautiful and peaceful.
We can go home well relaxed with our tails up!
PS. Definitely check out Sonia's brocante shop next to the main house, full of lovely finds!