Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Gill and Derek Moore

A return visit did not disappoint even though the welcoming weather soon succumbed to our presence. La Feuillade remains a special place to visit as a haven of peace and tranquility promoting a better perspective on life.
Of particular note this year are the gravel beds and changing gardens together with the adventure playground for children. Bear-hunting in the woodland, feeding chickens and swimming and playing in and around the pool were memorable experiences for our children.
Witnessing the early evening storm with the sun still setting on the trees, battered by the wind and torrential rain with a backdrop of thunder and lightening and a rainbow, whilst enjoying an obligatory candlelit dinner all contributed to another unforgettable holiday.
Most of all the hospitality, thoughtfulness, and the 'crack' with the Newells make the La Feuillade experience particularly worthwhile.